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Dear visitor, we’re delighted that you’ve found your way to our website and are interested in our agency. However, since all our web content is in German and all links on this website will refer to more German content, we’ve created this page where we want to sum up everything about us and our work that might be good to know. Or not. That’s for you to decide.

.HENKELHIEDL is a full-service agency (about 30 employees) with a strong focus on design and digital projects. For more than fifteen years we’ve been inventing, shaping and upgrading digital projects and processes within the fields of analysis, consulting, ideas, strategies, technology products and most notably design.

We work in the areas analytics — strategy — concept — design — development — editorial/content.

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We always mix business with pleasure

We call ourselves »Projektbüro« (=project office) since we like to think in projects, not in recurring tasks and procedures.

Why this is relevant to you: You’ll be working on varying tasks and topics and are in constant exchange

with new inspirational teams and confronted with exceptional and unusual ideas.

We love diversity – content wise and organizationally.

Our designers work conceptionally, programmers think design orientated.

Stationary work is possible. We strive for autonomous, meaningful work.

Our appreciation is held by those who like to come in every day and not those who work long hours.

We are currently offering the following positions:

intership ux-design

internship editorial work/conception

web developer m/F

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we love cutting edges

Since pictures say more than a thousand words we would like to let our work speak for the way we do things here at .HENKELHIEDL.

We are proud to introduce you to three of our most renowned international projects:


»an new digital magazine for architecture and beyond«

Our client Baunetz, Germany’s biggest online publisher for all things architecture, product and interior design, commissioned us with the conception, design and programming of an online magazine. The mutual idea was to develop something different and unprecedented. The result is an international digital architectural magazine whose features and design escape the internet’s everyday rush and ascend to a new level of relevance and editorial quality. What sets uncube magazine apart from other formats is it’s unusual combination of print-logic blended with digital comfort and innovation. Uncube stands for constant progress and improvement and strives to be a real alternative in the media landscape.


As part of smart’s »urban joy« campaign, in which the brand developed an index that sums up people’s happiness in European cities according to six different categories, we’ve created the concept and visualization of the microsite »Smart City Survey«. The website enables the viewer to take in the survey’s information using easily accessible charts that highlight the differences of European cities. Apart from the survey’s six main topics (the big picture, vibrancy, reinvention, infrastructure, diversity, home) the website visualizes additional information about the 31 cities that give detailed insight into one’s own urban environment.

The journal of architectural EDUCATION (JAE)

We have conceptualized, designed and programmed the website relaunch of the American »Journal of Architectural Education«.

JAE Cover animiert

we are just what the doctor ordered

Here are some of the clients we have worked with:

we are the sharpest tool in the shed

Here’s a small glimpse of our achievements:

Our train of thought is never late

If you have a project in mind and would like to talk to us about it please don’t hesitate to contact us HERE.

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